Galway Yoga Studio Mindfulness Classes & Sound Bath Sessions Launched

Mindfulness Haven Galway Yoga Studio announced the launch of a new range of yoga and mindfulness class for local residents. The new programs include yoga classes, group sound bath relaxation sessions, community acupuncture, relaxation sessions and more.

Mindfulness Haven Galway is a meditation studio based in Terryland House on Headford Road in Galway. The studio provides a space for meditation and relaxation. It offers mindfulness course introduction, regular meditation classes for beginners, mindfulness trainings for teachers and practitioners.

Galway residents are invited to join also the workshops dedicated to parents. Participants will learn more about prenatal care, gentle birth and massage techniques, postnatal care and its role in restoring the balance, physical, emotional and mental health of the parents.

The Mindfulness Haven Galway Studio is dedicated to promoting self-care, wellbeing on all levels including physical health, mental health, and emotional support for women, men, children, teenagers, and seniors.

A dedicated team of professionals offers a wide variety of private, and group services.

Community acupuncture has been introduced at the studio to allow affordable rates for people who need regular treatments. Some benefits of acupuncture include: treating insomnia, stress-related diseases, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional problems, hormonal imbalances, headaches, migraines, back pain, and more. The studio offers group sessions in a cozy, and relaxed space with the additional use of sound relaxation, which includes experiencing sounds of gongs, singing bowls, and other instruments with the whole body.

Other offers include drumming with no previous experience needed, Mandala art, and awareness talks about wellbeing and stress management at the workplace.

Visitors to Mindfulness Haven will be able to get 1-to-1 sound massage treatments, in which deeply relaxing sound massages over the clothed body. They will also be able to take part in a regular weekly mindfulness programme.

“Put the well-being of your employees in the centre of your company. Create a positive and healthy work environment, boost self- esteem, reduce stress levels at your workplace, and increase job satisfaction and productivity.”

Mindfulness Haven Galways

Mindfulness Haven Galway focuses on promoting relaxation to help with bodies’s own healing and recovery. There are different types of relaxation methods that help to deal with stress. Yoga Nidra- “yogic sleep”, sound baths, pranayama and various breathing techniques, visualizations, mindfulness, different forms of meditation, laughter yoga, dance, and many more.

Mindfulness has been proven to help manage stress and anxiety, increase self-awareness, help to manage chronic and acute pain, increase the sense of calm. It also provides improved sleep, and help with emotional regulation.

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