Hertfordshire Far Infrared & Meditation Detoxification and Healing Services Launched

Get Fitt Ltd has pioneered the use of far infrared to treat and heal damage caused by exposure to toxins. The goal of the newly designed far infrared detoxification treatment services is to preserve proper organ function and keep people healthy.

Toxic chemicals in the air are a major cause of chronic illness. This can impact the lungs, joints, bones, and the entire body. 

More information about the vast array of health detoxification services is available on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/getfittglobal/.

Rescue workers, those prone to cancer or chronic illness, and anyone regularly exposed to toxins have continued to make use of Get Fitt’s restorative detoxification services.

The company brings the most cutting edge treatment services to local citizens.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy has given 9/11 rescue workers continued and sustainable relief from the damage caused by fumes and chemicals. Get Fitt Ltd also prescribe far infrared treatment for arthritis. Detox with far infrared and far infrared for pain relief are both valuable ways to improve the mind, body, and spirit with these groundbreaking treatments.

The staff at Get Fitt Ltd are industry experts who have dedicated their careers to helping others heal. As highly trained specialists, the expert staff draw upon decades of combined experience and intensive training to bring their personalised detox programmes to interested clientele.

Founder Mark Givert spent ten years practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness. He then devoted twenty years traveling the world continuing his study of the mind and body. This valuable experience is part of what he is able to impart upon his clients with the help of Get Fitt Ltd, which combines the healing power of meditation with the medical advances surrounding far infrared treatment.

Since 2004, these services at Get Fitt Ltd have allowed patients to find relief from pain and improved health despite toxins or illnesses.

The benefits of far infrared treatment include that it does not damage the skin and can boost biological function and lessen the affects of heart disease. With both short and long-term studies conducted on the practice, there is substantial data to draw from to support its validity as a successful and productive method of treatment.

Interested clients can reach out via http://twitter.com/Get_Fitt. The friendly staff are available around the clock to answer questions about their cutting edge techniques for healing from toxins or illnesses and conditions like arthritis.

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