Reiki Energy Charged Candles & Soaps Add Natural Healing Energy At Home

Aroma Seize announced the release of their range of non toxic soap and candles. The products are handmade and plant based, in addition to being infused with healing Reiki energy.

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Aroma Seize announces products that are a paradigm shift from the usual chemical laden soaps and candles commonly available. Buying these products is usually a source of concern about the large number of harmful chemicals that are being inhaled or absorbed through the body. People like to enhance the look and feel of their home with aromatic and creatively designed candles. However, concern about the potentially toxic fumes can be a deterrent.

With their new release Aroma Seize produces candles that are free of zinc, lead, pesticides, herbicides, parabens and phthalates. The candles are plant based or plant derived and not tested on animals. Candles made by Aroma Seize are not made with paraffin wax. Instead they are made with 100% sustainable American soy wax and cotton wicks containing no harmful lead or zinc. This ensures that every candle provides the user with the longest and cleanest burning duration.

The soy wax used in the candles is grown in America and is a sustainable, renewable, and carbon neutral product. Candles made of paraffin wax harm the lungs by causing allergic reactions and triggering breathing difficulties. Also, phthalates in fragrance oils, if used over a long period of time can cause hormonal changes that can be harmful.

Aroma Seize seeks to intentionally bring good health into every living space. Every candle is handmade with the utmost attention to detail and desire for the users’ well being. The candles are available in range of floral, woody and spicy fragrances. These fragrances are created using natural essential oils and non-toxic phthalate-free fragrance oils.

Before packaging, every candle is infused with healing energy through the practice of Reiki. Aroma Seize carries good health and beautiful living into the hands of every person who buys their products.

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