Reno Holistic Energy Healing by Alternative Medicine Chronic Pain Expert Launched

Reno Alternative Medicine in Reno, Nevada, launched its services to new patients who want to experience more energy, less stress, and better health. Run by Dr Bruce Eichelberger, the clinic provides holistic solutions to help patients enjoy a more normal life.

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With the launch by Reno Alternative Medicine of their services to new patients, more residents in the Reno area can benefit from high quality holistic healing and treatments.

Dr Eichelberger has over 44 years of experience in the field, and prides himself on helping patients to rebalance their mind, body and spirit. His results oriented approach works around each individual patient to get them the best results.

Dr Eichelberger knows what it’s like to experience health issues, chronic pain, and a lack of energy. To combat this, he conducted huge amounts of research and tried out everything possible to improve his situation.

Then he found a functional medicine doctor, who inspired him to go on a journey of healing that produced a 30% reduction in chronic pain. In turn, this led to him pursuing his own functional medicine services.

Now he aims to help others in the same situation, and offers a range of natural health and wellness treatments and solutions for Reno patients. With the clinic open to new patients signing up, he can help more patients achieve a better quality of life.

His services are aimed at patients who feel as though they have less energy than they once did. They can also be ideal for those feeling overwhelmed by their busy life, or experiencing pain or health issues that negatively impact their life.

“In your unique situation there may be a variety issues to address. These might include food choices, food sensitivities, toxins in the body, adrenal fatigue, immune issues, and clogged detoxification pathways. Fortunately, there are powerful and effective natural ways to correct these problems.”

Dr Eichelberger

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