Scalar Wave Healing Therapy: Audio Home Meditation Relaxation Collection Launched

NeuralSync launched a new scalar waves therapy audio collection was launched. The audio meditation tracks employszero-point energy scalar wave augmentation to help listeners relax, overcome sleep disorders, and enjoy a happier, more productive life.

Unlike traditional sound therapy, NeuralSync uses multiple frequencies combined to produce a powerful synergistic effect.

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The new collection of advanced scalar energy audio files has been created to take the listener through multiple frequencies and layered processes. This delivers a multi-dimensional brain stimulation which induces a series of highly beneficial effects.

At the core of the newly launched audio healing collection are scalar waves. The NeuralSync catalog is embedded with scalar waves during the recording process, and they create a lasting impression on the functioning of the brain and body.

The introduction of scalar waves helps strengthen the chemical bonds within the listener’s DNA, cleanse blood and cells, and improve immune function.

According to NeuralSync, scalar waves leaves listeners feeling refreshed and energized, while also increasing their mental focus and promoting an overall feeling of wellbeing.

NeuralSync has been developed on the principle of brainwave entrainment.

A spokesperson for NeuralSync explains: “Brainwave entrainment is the science that underlies NeuralSync technology. Every mental state has a unique brainwave signature that emits a frequency that can be measured with specialized equipment, allowing us to map which brainwaves are created during certain key states of mind. These frequencies can then be duplicated in the sounds recorded with NeuralSync.”

“When you use NeuralSync™, your brain automatically creates the state of mind that is represented by the frequencies such as relaxation, alertness or relief from pain”.

Tonya Kopp, NeuralSync

The NeuralSync technology is the only one of its kind to utilize four separate synergistically interactive frequencies precisely calculated to induce a series of positive effects. The resulting wave resembles a balanced four-dimensional pyramid that immerses the listener’s brain in positive energy waves.

The audio pulses in the new collection cycle rhythmically through multiple frequencies, thus increasing the efficiency of the audio healing compared to static protocols.

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