Short & Long Term Memory Course Creates SuperLearners

Jonathan Levi, the founder of SuperHuman Academy, announced the launch of a new self-development online course, called SuperLearner Masterclass. The Super-Learner Master Class is one of the life-enhancement courses by Superhuman Academy.

It is designed to improve participants’ memory and reading speed by 320%.

More information about Jonathan Levi’s Become A SuperLearner Masterclass is available at:

SuperLearner Masterclass features powerful resources that enable students to hack their memory, reading and learning skills and develop new superlearner abilities.

The course includes 10 modules. Students will learn more about super-learning techniques and how to set themselves for success. They will explore the incredible power of visual memory, key mental markers, super learning frameworks and systems for creating and maintaining memories. The online course will empower them to improve their speed reading, short and long term memory.

Jonathan Levi also teaches students how to read with their eyes and not with their inner voice and thus speed up their reading and comprehension skills.

The superlearner online course last 10 weeks. Participants are expected to spend 2-3 hours every week or just 30 minutes each day.

The course was developed by Jonathan Levi who is an accomplished best-selling author of The Only Skill That Matters, inspiring podcasts host, and TEDx speaker. He is a renowned expert featured in Business Insider, Life Hacker and other notable programs.

Students get access to over 14 hours of video training material, 17 detailed worksheets, and guides that help them train and apply the knowledge and superlearner skills they have acquired.

A satisfied student shared: “Just in 30 minutes a day, I significantly improved my learning and memory skills. As a result, I became a superlearner and I can learn just anything more effectively and in a superfast manner.

From memorizing historical dates to remembering and recalling people’s names, birthdays, phone numbers, to-do-lists, mathematical and scientific formulas, foreign language words…, the Superlearner memory course made it possible.”

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