Spiritual Awakening & Self-Growth Meditation Guides Launched

A Comprehensive Mindfulness Meditation Guide has been released on the Mindfulness Core website, which contains a wealth of information, tips, guides and techniques in the areas of meditation, mindset, motivation, habits, health, and self-growth. Mindfulness Core also provides scientific information relating to meditation and mindfulness.

Go to https://mindfulnesscore.com for all the details and to sign up and log in.

What does “mindfulness” mean?

‘Mindfulness’ is defined as a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. It is used as a therapeutic technique, and a person can also benefit by using meditation to complement their journey towards greater mindfulness.

In a busy, complicated and the frequently challenging world, more people are discovering mindfulness and meditation as ways of coping and thriving, whilst in the pursuit of happiness and achieving goals and dreams. With its new launch, MindfulnessCore.com contains an extensive amount of free content: the site provides exclusive access to longer and more detailed ‘premium’ articles to subscribers.

Based in New York, the Mindfulness Core editorial team focuses on the importance and many benefits to individuals and businesses of increasing mindfulness. This newly launched website, with over 80 detailed articles, contains everything one needs to know about mindfulness.

To illustrate the range of topics covered, here is an example of some of the article titles:

  • ‘A Comprehensive Guide To Sacred Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners’,
  • ‘Ultimate Guide On How To Clear And Relax Your Mind With Many Benefits’,
  • ‘5 Tips To Spiritual Awakening, Health And Growth’,
  • ’20-Minute Daily Meditations To Start Living In The Present Moment Again’, and
  • ‘6 Important Roles of Artificial Intelligence In Personal Healthcare’.

MindfulnessCore.com states that “the idea of enhancing your mental clarity, being more aware, improving your focus, finding peace, and optimizing your personal and professional life sounds enticing”, and adopting a new practice is a 3-step process involving decision-making, gathering information, and implementation.

With the comprehensive guide for beginners, information is available to help pave the way to start practicing mindfulness in everyday life.

For more information please visit https://mindfulnesscore.com.

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