Yellow Brick Cinema Reiki Zen Meditation Music 134 For Sleep & Relaxation

“Positive motivating energy of peace is the order of the day. 

Whether you are beginning your meditation for the day or ending the day with meditation, a smooth flow of universal energy should always accompany your meditation time. 

During your meditation time, call upon peace, and internalize it deep within the soul, deep within chakra, deep within the aura. 

Peace in every organ and gland of your body; throughout the blood flowing the body. 

Encode every cell of the body with “peace”. 

Let every particle of your immediate atmosphere be imbued with peace. 

Direct that flow of cosmic peace to every member of your family, every coworker, all friends and acquaintances. 

Let there be peace in your home and on your jobs and in your neighbors home. 
Let there be peace in your wealth and all financial dealings. 
Let there be peace in every action and reaction that you encounter. 
Let peace be in your voice and shine on your face. 

Internalized peace will always be externalized peace. For whatsoever is on the inside, is on the outside.  Be that positive motivating energy to all whom you meet today. 

And I guarantee you, that to the degree that you exercise peace, it will come back to you the same way if not greater.  That’s the law of peace! That’s how peace work! 

Try it and see for yourself.  And then you’ll know for yourself. Peace is a gift from the Universal Mind of GOD. 

It  is given to all men and all sentient beings to be enjoyed, without exception and without exclusion.  So may all you have a day or night filled with peace! ” – Byron Van Fleet

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