How Many Camels Am I Worth? Take This Funny Quiz to Find Out!

How much do you think a camel is worth? 10 pounds? 100? A couple hundred US dollars? The answer to this question varies depending on the country in question. In the United Arab Emirates, camels are worth around £5,000. However, in Saudi Arabia, camels are worth around £1,200. Crazy, right?

In this quick and funny quiz, we will take away our Western biases and look at some real numbers about camels that might surprise you.

We’ll also teach you how to figure out how many camels you’re worth in different currencies around the world. So grab your calculator and find out how many camels YOU are worth!

For example, if you’re worth 15 camels, it could be because you are 4 feet tall. Or maybe because you weigh less than 88 pounds. The truth is, there are many different ways that someone can be worth a certain number of camels.

If you have ever wondered what your worth in camels is, now it’s easy to find out!

But before you check out the calculator to see if you’re worth a single camel, ten camels, or even more than fifty, read more about the origin of this popular test and question.

What Is A Livestock Worth?

People ask bizarre questions to prove a point, such as, “Am I beautiful or ugly?” Teenagers, especially, are curious about their appearance so they ask ridiculous questions to prove a point.

According to the general belief, the more camel worth you have, the more attractive you are. Livestock-worth calculators on the internet analyze your physical appearance to get the results.

The Dark History of Camel Calculators

Several countries use camels as payment for marriage, blood, and divorce fees. In these countries, livestock is equivalent to money when it comes to trade. However, camels are also used to calculate human worth on two occasions (dowry/mahr, and diyah).

Dowry and Mahr

A dowry is a form of gift that the bride pays to the groom in countries like India. A Muslim groom is supposed to make Mahr to the bride’s family. In both cases, a person’s value is determined by their looks, social status, and socioeconomic situation. In these cases, it is common for the fee to be paid in kind.

So, when you ask, “How much my girlfriend/boyfriend is worth?” you want to know how much you should pay to marry them—even though you are clueless about the meaning.


Did you know there’s a huge disparity in how many camels one human life is worth over another?

According to Britannica, “Diyah in Islam is a form of blood money which is calculated in camels. If you kill a Muslim man, you should pay 100 camels to his family. However, the punishment for murdering a woman is only 50 camels. And the number of livestock reduces to one-third or even less for non-Muslim victims.”

The question “How many camels am I worth?” might seem innocent, but in some countries this determines a person’s life value, which is messed up.

Things That Affect Your Test Results

It is likely that you will receive anywhere from 10 to 110 camels, but why do the numbers differ? Our research shows that the following four factors account for the majority of livestock value.

  1. Age

The younger, the better. Almost all online calculators favor young participants over older ones.

  1. Facial features

Things like being a blond woman or being a masculine-looking guy affect your result positively.

  1. Height

Taller men tend to be worth more camels. However, in women, the average height seems to be more attractive.

  1. Body type

The online tests give more camels to sporty males and muscular males.

Which Countries Still Use Camels to Trade Humans?

In a number of Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, blood money, dowry, or mahr are still calculated using camel calculators. According to Hivisasa, people in Somalis pay camels to the bride’s family to show respect and strengthen their bond. Livestock trade before marriage is also a common practice in some parts of India.

Why Are Some Against the Camel Calculators?

Questions like “how many camels am I worth?” are considered offensive. And it is not acceptable to value someone by livestock. Additionally, the critics say camel calculators support unethical norms and behaviors against certain minorities such as domestic violence and crimes against women that are caused by dowry or mahr.

Many people, however, believe it is a fun and entertaining test-and that the results are of little importance.

Disclaimers and Final Notes

Child On A Cloud is against any discrimination and unfairness. Our intention with this website is to spread awareness about the Camel Calculator Test and its origins and meanings. The results include awakening messages about discriminatory and unfair laws in some countries. And the goal is to help everyone understand the actual concept behind the test.

Feel free to contact us if you find any questions or answers inappropriate or offensive. Also, do not forget that livestock cannot accurately assess your worth.

Feel free to share your result in the comment below.

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