How To Respond To Pick Up Lines On Dating Apps: The Dos And Don’ts

Dating apps have become a common way to meet new people. You don’t have to wait for opportunities or make the first move. It’s all about swiping right and waiting for matches to find you. Sometimes, you can get more than just matches.

With all the strings attached, sometimes it can get overwhelming. One of the most frequent dating app problems is unwanted pick up lines from other users.

It can be difficult to know how to respond when you receive a pick up line. Luckily, there are some ways to handle unwanted messages and avoid awkwardness.

What To Reply When You Receive A Pick Up Line

When you’re online dating, it’s inevitable that people will send you pick up lines. They might be cheesy or they might be clever, but no matter what they are, more often than not they aren’t effective. On the other hand, if you can turn them around and use them to your advantage, they could make for a great conversation starter!

“It’s just, Talia’s right – there’s no time to waste. Just get back out there.”
“Like with this guy, you mean?” I hold up my latest attempt at turning a Tinder convo into a date. Want 2B scummy with me 2nite? reads the opening line from a sweet-looking Williamsburg man with a scruffy beard.
“Oh, jeez,” says Jules. “Just block him!”
“But he’s wearing a suit! That means he has a job at least!”
I pretend to sniff, looking down. “Or was invited to a wedding…”
The next man that comes up has long, brown stringy hair, a moustache and is holding a puddle in his lap. I like it doggy-style, reads his profile. Shuddering, I click the app closed.
“Just keep pounding the rock,” nudges Julia. “One day it will crack.
“I know,” I sigh, thinking, or I will.

from Meternity (2016) by Meghann Foye

One of the easiest ways to avoid an uncomfortable situation is by responding with a simple “thank you.” You can also use this as an opportunity to politely decline: “Thank you for the offer, but I’m not interested.” Or, “I appreciate your message and your interest, but I am not seeking any kind of relationship at this time.”

This is a polite way of saying you’re not interested. It’s also honest and upfront about your intentions.

If someone won’t take no for an answer or continues to send uninvited messages after you’ve responded with no, it’s best to block them so they cannot contact you again. When blocking, make sure to remember their username so that if they change their profile name in the future, you will be able to recognize it.

If they persist, simply block them. If they don’t give up after two messages, then stop responding and block them immediately. The best way to deal with unwanted pick-ups lines is to ignore them altogether or block them immediately before they have a chance to take hold!

Be yourself! Do not try to be anyone else.

Keep it simple. One word answers are best. Be polite, but don’t make an effort to chat with people who seem like they’re looking for something more than what you want.

What Not To Do When You Are Bombarded By Inappropriate Messages

The first rule of thumb is not to return the pickup line with another one of your own. This may seem like a good idea at first, but it can come across as too eager. Be polite and use humor if possible, but do not engage in any type of conversation with them.

No is no. You do not owe someone an explanation or excuse for refusing to talk to them. If you don’t feel like talking, continue scrolling.

Don’t be rude (or full of yourself). Just because someone messages you doesn’t mean they want to date you. It is likely that they are simply making conversation.

Don’t flirt with everyone on the app. Flirting with multiple people will only lead to confusion and hurt feelings. You might even think you’re flirting with one person when really you’re just juggling two different conversations with two different people.

Don’t be dismissive. You never know if this person might be the one.

Don’t reply with just emoji’s (it can be seen as lazy) or with lengthy messages that read more like essays than replies, which can be frustrating for the other person trying to read it on their phone screen.

Don’t respond to inappropriate messages or pictures. Delete and move on!

How To Know If The Person Is Worth Talking To?

If they message you, the first step is to make sure that they are worth talking to. You can do this by checking the following:

– What are their interests?

– What are their goals?

– Do they have any pictures up?

If you find someone with similar interests, goals, and pictures then it may be worth messaging them back. Even if you don’t want to date them, it could lead to a friendship. If you decide not to reply with a pick up line of your own, here’s how to reply with something short and sweet.

With the rise of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, it’s now easier than ever to find that special someone. However, as with anything in life, there are always those who take advantage of the vulnerability of single people. There are those who will shamelessly use pick up lines on dating apps to try and get what they want. It’s not uncommon for people to see these pick up lines as harmless but that’s not always the case. We hope that with our advice, you’d be better prepared to handle these situations.

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