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Magician Lea Kyle Amazes Penn and Teller With A Quick Change Act, Earns Fool Us Trophy

Léa Kyle, a quick change artist from France, wowed the judges on Penn and Teller’s Fool Us with her incredible act. Penn and Teller, who are known for their skeptical approach to magic, were blown away by Kyle’s skill and creativity.

Kyle’s act consists of a series of lightning-fast costume changes, with each outfit more stunning and intricate than the last. What makes her act particularly impressive is the fact that she designs and makes all of her own costumes, adding an extra layer of artistry to her performance.

During her performance on Fool Us (Season 7, Episode 8), Kyle began by wearing a simple black and white dress. Within seconds, she had transformed into a completely different outfit, complete with a dazzling silver headdress.

The judges were visibly stunned by the sudden change, and as the act continued, they became more and more impressed by Kyle’s talent.

At one point in the act, Kyle even managed to change outfits in less than a second, leaving Penn and Teller speechless. The duo admitted that they had not been fans of quick change acts in the past, as they often rely on the same tricks and techniques.

However, Kyle’s act was different, and they could not figure out how she was pulling off each transformation so quickly.

In the end, Penn and Teller were unable to figure out the secret behind Kyle’s act, and they awarded her the coveted Fool Us trophy.

Kyle’s incredible performance not only impressed the judges, but it also showed that there is still room for creativity and innovation in the world of magic.

After appearing on Penn and Teller: Fool Us, she took America’s Got Talent by storm with her incredible illusions, earning herself the coveted golden buzzer from Heidi Klum.

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