Summary, Quotes and Review of Leil Lowndes’s ‘How to Talk to Anyone’ Book


Have you ever been to a party and felt like no one was talking to you? Or maybe you’re on your first date and feel nervous and awkward. Maybe it’s just that new coworker who won’t stop talking about themselves. Hanging out with people can be hard sometimes. But fear not, we’ve got some tips for you to make the next social event an enjoyable one!

In this article, we will discuss Leil Lowndes’s book on how to talk to people and engage in conversations with others. We’ll share quotes from the book that explain what it takes to make a meaningful connection.

“Every smile, every frown, every syllable, you utter, every arbitrary choice of word that passes between your lips, can draw others towards you, or make them want to run away.”

Leil Lowndes, the author of ‘How To Talk To Anyone’, has interviewed more than 500 people. She has found that there is a formula for talking to people—even if they are perfect strangers.

The book was written in 1982 and remains an excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn how to engage in conversation with others.

Lowndes explores how we can break down barriers and connect with people in an authentic way. She spends time discussing the importance of connecting with friends and strangers alike, and how it can help us feel more fulfilled in life. This book is divided into four parts:

1) Connecting with friends

2) Connecting with strangers

3) The art of conversation

4) A final word

“I always try to turn the spotlight on the other person.” Truly confident people often do this. They know they grow more by listening than talking.”

How To Start a Conversation With Anyone – And Get Them Talking Back

According to the author, there are five types of people: introverts, sensitive people, extroverts, people pleasers and the strong. Knowing which type you are helps you understand what kind of person is in front of you. This book teaches you how to deal with these five types as well as gives tips on how to make any conversation last longer. In my opinion, this book has been very helpful for me as I am an extrovert and always have a hard time finding a topic to talk about when I meet new people.

Lowndes talks about using these personality types as a starting point to initiate a conversation. One example would be if you were speaking to someone who had a similar interest as you, an example being sports. You could say “What do you think of the latest football game?”

“Small talk is not about facts or words. It’s about music, about melody. Small talk is about putting people at ease. You must first match your listener’s mood.”

Another way is to use an interesting quote as a conversation starter. By doing this, they may want to know what you’re reading or where you heard that quote from.

“Know the ‘news of the day’ before attending an event/function or a party. Either to start a conversation or just not to embarrass yourself from asking what everyone is talking about.”

In addition to those ideas she also talks about some open-ended questions that could be used as conversational topics such as “What’s your favorite thing about living in (insert city)?” and “What’s one goal you’ve set for yourself?”

Have you ever been put in a situation where you have to speak to someone but aren’t sure how to break the ice, or what to say? A lot of us have. It’s hard when we don’t know someone and they seem too busy to stop and chat with us. But the truth is, they’re probably just as uncomfortable as we are. The key is finding out what they care about and then sharing your passion with them. In her book ‘How To Talk To Anyone‘, Leil Lowndes shares her secrets for engaging conversations with anyone from a new neighbor to an old friend.

The Ultimate Guide to Better Conversations

You can discover a lot of helpful tips on how to carry on a conversation with others. The book can be quite insightful for people who have trouble initiating conversations.

These six steps will give you a better sense of what Lowndes’s advice is all about:

Step 1: Get the other person’s name and make eye contact

“The instant you are introduced to someone, reward your new acquaintance. Give the warm smile, total-body turn, and undivided attention you would give a tiny tyke who crawled up to your feet and beamed a toothless grin. Pivoting 100% toward the new person shouts, ‘I think you are very, very special.’”

Step 2: Ask questions. Really get them going on their favorite subject

“Let’s hear it again!” The sweetest sound your conversation partner can hear from your lips when you’re talking with a group of people is “Tell them about the time you . . .”

Step 3: Listen carefully and ask follow up questions

“Make it a habit to get on a dual track while talking. Express yourself, but keep a keen eye on how your listener is reacting to what you’re saying. Then plan your moves accordingly. People will say you pick up on everything. You never miss a trick.”

Step 4: Mirror the other person’s body language and gestures if possible

“Before opening your mouth, take a ‘voice sample’ of your listener to detect their state of mind. Take a ‘psychic photograph’ of the expression to see if your listener looks buyoant, bored, or blitzed. If you ever want to bring people around to your thoughts, you must match their mood and voice tone, if only for a moment.”

Step 5: Use reflective comments that show you’re paying attention to what they’re saying

Step 6: Leave the other person with a warm feeling

“Another way to warm hearts and win friends is to become a carrier pigeon of news items that might interest the recipient. Call, mail, or email people with info they might find interesting. If your friend is a furniture designer and you see an article about furniture, send it to him. A relevant clipping is the big winner’s way of saying, ‘I’m thinking about you and your interests.’”

Connect with People Through Body Language

The author also goes into detail about the importance of body language and facial expressions when talking with others. This can make all the difference in social interactions. Without body language we may not feel like we’re connecting or understanding each other correctly. The key to understanding other people is realizing that they’re also trying to figure us out.

There are people that we really struggle to talk to, and there are those that we don’t. The latter is often easier just because we can relate to them. What’s more, we can anticipate what they will say and it makes it much easier to respond. But the people we really struggle with come in many different shapes and sizes. They might be our boss at work, a potential date, or an acquaintance from the gym. Regardless of who they are, if you find yourself dreading conversations with certain individuals then you need this book! Reading Leil Lowndes’s ‘How to Talk to Anyone’ book will help you understand how to tackle any obstacle in communication with ease.

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