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The Magic Tree – Animated Short Bedtime Story For Small Kids

The Magic Tree” by Pedro Pablo Sacristán is a heartwarming story about the power of politeness and gratitude. It follows a little boy who discovers a tree with a mysterious message and learns a valuable lesson along the way.

Text of this story

“A long, long time ago a little boy was walking through a park. In the middle of the park there was a tree with a sign on it. The sign said “I am a magic tree. Say the magic words and you will see.”

The boy tried to guess the magic words. He tried abracadabra, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, tan-ta-ra, and many more… but none of them worked.

Exhausted, he threw himself on the floor, saying: “Please, dear tree!” and suddenly, a big door opened in the trunk. Inside everything was dark, except for a sign which said “Carry on with your magic.” Then the boy said “Thank you, dear tree!” With this, the inside of the tree lit up brightly and revealed a pathway leading to a great big pile of toys and chocolate.

The little boy brought all his friends to the magic tree, and they had the best party ever. This is why people always say that “please” and “thank you” are the magic words.”

This charming tale teaches children the importance of using polite words and expressing gratitude. It’s a timeless reminder that good manners can open doors and lead to unexpected rewards.

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